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The Goddamn Gallows - 7 Devils CD

Image of The Goddamn Gallows - 7 Devils CD


The Goddamn Gallows, underground music's favorite roots rock heathens and vagabonds, have recently dropped their much anticipated third studio full-length album, 7 Devils, on Farmageddon Records. With sixteen all-new originals, one cover song, a new member in the lineup and two notable guest musicians, 7 Devils is clearly the next phase of sonic evolution for one of today's more exceptional roots fusion ensembles.

Track List-
1. Rags N Bones
2. 7 Devils
3. 47 Crosses
4. The End of the World
5. Rotting Away
6. Stew Hogg
7. Sidewalk Slammer
8. Y'all Mothefuckers Need Jesus
9. Instant Major Felony
10. Malefactor March
11. Nature of the Beast
12. Serafino
13. Waiting Around to Die
14. Nowhere Left to Roam
15. Broken Man
16. Raise the Moon
17. It All Goes Away