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The Dirty Mugs - Wildfire CD

Image of The Dirty Mugs - Wildfire CD


The Dirty Mugs don’t rise from the ashes, they spark the fires. Hailing from the woods and small towns of Eastern Oklahoma, they bring a unique sound to the genre of punk rock. Since 2004 the band spread their unique style of Hardccordion Wonder Punk in venues around the Midwest, with tours across the country, and on releases like the Weigh Anchor EP, and The Calm Before the Storm acoustic album. The Dirty style has changed a lot over the years, but at the core of every style is the grit, aggression and hard work that has driven the band since the beginning. In 2014, the Mugs teamed up with East Grand Record Company to put out their most anticipated release to date. Their album Wildfire is the culmination of ten years of writing, playing, touring, rewriting, breaking stuff and putting it back together. It features 16 tracks that would sound right on a punk’s speakers, but could easily fit any music lover’s collection.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Dance With Me
3. S.G.A.F
4. O' Death
5. The Calm
6. The Storm
7. Row
8. Woodsfolk
9. Arline And Junction
10. Ruined
11. We Will Not Give Up
12. Bomb Caravan
13. As Close As It Gets
14. Emily
15. La Di Da
16. Expect Resistance

Release Date: October 14, 2014
Record Label: East Grand Record Co.