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S.S. Web - North CD


The 1st studio release from Milwaukee, WI based S.S. Web "North" is a great CD! If you like Highlonesome, and good roots music in general, this is a must own CD. It's a solid listen from the first song to the last!

Track List-
1. North
2. Dance With The Dead
3. Most Anything
4. Drag Me Straight To Hell
5. Father
6. Dead Mans Bar
7. Wonderful World
8. Bustin' Rocks
9. Make It Right
10. In The Ground

Hailing from the depths of a bottle, Brew City's own S.S. WEB combines a deep love of whiskey and music into an intoxicating blend of heart wrenching tales of life, love, and loss. With deep understanding of where they are and how they got there, S.S. WEB plays every song with a certain drive and determination that excites everyone watching & listening! Blending a bit of Johnny Cash & Murder By Death with Flogging Molly & The Builders And The Butchers, S.S. WEB will steal your heart, stomp on it, then drown it in alcohol, leaving you with the buzz that keeps you coming back for more.

S.S WEB (as they are today) has been together for about a year and a half now. They started with Henry and Davey doing just as they’re doing now with Kyle (now drummer) on backup guitar/vocals. They also had a cello player. The idea of S.S. WEB was the same then, but the music was a little more young and mellow than it is today.

Not long after they started Kyle moved away to Texas for about 7 months. The band added a Drummer and lost the cello player. They played a few shows but nothing major was happening. Henry and Davey played a lot of shows alone (under the name S.S. WEB) including some touring.

Once Kyle moved back to Milwaukee he rejoined the band as the drummer. S.S. WEB then picked up Bryan (bass). The band wrote all new songs and has become what it is now.

Everybody in the band is involved in the writing process of their songs. S.S. WEB has started to take off after working hard with promoting, and practicing at least two to four times a week. S.S. WEB has started to gather a good following including over 30,000 online fans.