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Jayke Orvis - It's All Been Said CD

Image of Jayke Orvis - It's All Been Said CD


A founding member of The .357 String Band and current member of the Goddamn Gallows, Jayke Orvis is ahead of his time even though he plays timeless music.His depictions of love are raw and blue, the pages of his life littered throughout this album. This is the first official release on Farmageddon Records.


1. A Recipe For Tea
2. Yankee Taste
3. Feelings Like This
4. Beatin' My Head
5. Empty Bottles (On A Broken Shelf)
6. Thunderbolt's And Lightning
7. Gone Forever More
8. Shady Grove
9. Dreadful Sinner
10. Alone With You (James Hunnicutt)

Released: 2010

Sold Out