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Ghostwriter - Darkest Hour CD

Image of Ghostwriter - Darkest Hour CD


Ghostwriter could be the post-punk version of a Harry Smith era, self-accompanied singer-songwriter... For the better part of the last decade, Ghostwriter has been on the road as a true troubadour; one man traveling, making music that is direct and uncompromised. Ghostwriter has independently released five albums and shared the stage with icons like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and T-Model Ford. For his sixth full length album, 'Prayin all the time,' Ghostwriter brings fire and brimstone deep into the Oregon woods. Over the years, it is clear that Ghostwriter has honed his skills as a solo artist.

Track List-
1. Cooked
2. Clock
3. Human Life
4. Sailing
5. Love
6. Blue Eyed Girl
7. S. O. B.
8. Kinship to Truckers
9. Maverick
10. Circus