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James Hunnicutt - Naked Live CD


12 heartfelt & honest live tracks from 2008-2011... Naked Live is about as close to being there as a live album could hope to achieve.

Track List-
1. 99 Lives (Live)
2. My Pain (Live)
3. One Last Kiss (Live)
4. You Left Me Here All Lone (Live)
5. Liars Truce (Live)
6. Good for You, Good Riddance & Goodbye (Live)
7. Too Late to Pray (Live)
8. And So It Ends (Live)
9. Bad Girl (Live)
10. Risk the Fall (Live)
11. Just So Ya' Know (Live)
12. Don't Let Teardrops Fill Your Eyes (Live)

Genre: Folk: Alternative Folk
Release Date: 2011

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