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James Hunnicutt - All By My Lonesome CD

Image of James Hunnicutt - All By My Lonesome CD


Real American Roots music written, sang and played from the heart. This album is one of James Hunnicutt's best efforts in our opinion, although he never lets you down with a release. This is must own CD from James, the songwriting is amazing, lyrics powerful, and the music is down right addicting.

Track List-
1. You Left Me Here All Alone
2. To Wait Here & Want You 'til I Die
3. The Liar's Truce
4. Risk The Fall
5. Bloodline
6. Side by Side
7. Should You Dig My Grave Tonight
8. Good for You, Good Riddance & Goodbye
9. Forever an Open Door
10. One Last Kiss

Genre: Country: Traditional Country
Release Date: 2009

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